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About the FMF & AID Global Association

The FMF (Familial Mediterranean Fever) and AID (auto-inflammatory diseases) Global Association is a non-profit organization, founded in Zurich, Switzerland. It was established at the request of Swiss, German and Austrian patients. Shortly after, it became an umbrella organization with other associations affiliated to it from Europe, the Middle East and South America. Within the umbrella organization, it also represents organized patient groups worldwide, in countries where no patient associations have been established yet. Being an umbrella organization, enables us to leverage the power of all the affiliated associations and patient groups.

Autoinflammatory diseases are relatively new, and almost every year diseases are being added to the list. Due to the similarity in symptoms among these conditions, and because in most cases the inflammation is something that can’t be seen, these disorders often remain unrecognized, misdiagnosed or undiagnosed, even for decades.


These autoinflammatory diseases affect people of all ages. For many with these conditions, it means having a life of pain, and often it doesn’t allow them to lead a normal life. As a consequence, many of them will eventually become a burden for their governments and their families. This is why it is hard to understand, why more research has not been undertaken.


Another big issue is the lack of specialists. Worldwide, there are only a handful of experts. People are desperately trying to find a physician who can help them. Many families relocate and others travel across the country or even across the globe trying to find help. Once the specialist is identified, there is usually a long waiting list and depending upon the country, many will be faced with huge medical bills. The ones without the necessary financial resources are doomed to live a life in pain and misery.


We work closely with many associations, organizations and patient support groups globally. Between our patients and the patients of many affiliated national associations, we currently support over 80,000 patients in 54 countries and in 12 different languages and are still expanding. We need to join forces and fight together for the same cause. Each of us deserves to have a dignified life with equal access to medical care and treatments. We need to work hand-in-hand with the medical community so that we can mutually help each other.

We strive for patients’ rights so that each patient who suffers from an autoinflammatory disease can be diagnosed within one year and have access to the required medications. 


If you want to know more about our organization or if you want to help, please contact us.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To support the global community of patients and their families affected by an autoinflammatory disease. We offer patients: information, advocacy, and emotional support.
We aim to increase diagnostic capability, access to medical resources, offer educational opportunities, and promote awareness of autoinflammatory diseases.

Our Vision

The vision of our organization is to improve the care and quality of life for patients with autoinflammatory diseases globally by removing barriers to delayed diagnosis and facilitating access to treatments..

Our Doctors

Our Doctors

All of the doctors that work with us have considerable experience with the various autoinflammatory diseases and are here to help. We are expanding a worldwide network of specialists. Our doctors are available to provide assistance to any other medical practitioners that may require it.

General Information

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