Laboratories offering genetic testing

Genetic testing can bring certainty to a medical diagnosis, as well as facilitating access to a treatment plan or medications.

Unfortunately, for one reason or another, not everyone has access to genetic testing. For some patients with rare and complex disorders, it is either not available and if it is, it might not be covered by the patient’s health insurance.

One of the most common questions patients have is: where can they get genetic testing done. Therefore, we contacted 5 labs (in Europe and USA), and compared the products they offered, as well as the costs. We found that, some labs are “patient friendly”, meaning that if your healthcare provider will not cover the costs, the patient is simply charged with a symbolic cost. If you know of other labs, please let us know and we will add them to the list.

Both tests below only require a saliva sample. They also have an assisted saliva test for young children and older people. If you encounter any problems, please contact us and we will help you.  


We do not endorse or advertise any laboratories or receive any financial remuneration whatsoever.

Companies offering affordable genetic testing:


This lab is only US-based and offers a great panel test. The Primary Immunodeficiencies panel (207 genes) includes most of the autoinflammatory diseases.

For patients who don’t have the genetic test covered by their health insurance, it will only cost them US$250 (you have to mark though the option for “patient pay billing” on the first page of the Invitae requisition form). Please note that patients cannot order this genetic test themselves. It has to be ordered by a physician.

Free family variant testing included in the price for eligible family members and the ability to add more genes from the immunology clinical area within 90 days of report release date.

Turn Around Time is 21 days.


Patient instructions for saliva collection

Video for saliva collection


Sample shipping and labelling

There are many other labs out there, but we can only inform you about these two because we have tested them ourselves. Based on our own experience, the test quality is good (accepted by hospitals worldwide), the service is good and the price couldn’t be better.

Disclaimer: The decision to have genetic testing is solely the decision and responsibility of the person ordering it. The FMF & AID Global Association and its volunteers/employees do not take any responsibility for the lab service or results/data provided to the patient. We simply provide patients with valuable and useful information. The results should be discussed with the person's doctor or a geneticist instead of “assuming” you could have a particular disease.