Medical Needs Assistance Program for FMF & AID Members


Patients with autoinflammatory diseases have to overcome many hurdles before they are heard, taken seriously, diagnosed and treated. This struggle often takes years, and many hopes, dreams and plans are often dashed along the way. By the time a patient is finally diagnosed, it’s often the case that their finances are no longer there to cover the medical needs. There is very little help for patients with rare diseases. Also, most approval processes are too lengthy and complicated, making it almost impossible for a patient to receive help promptly.


The aim of this assistance program is to help affected people with their medical needs and to have access to specialists/tests, but in an uncomplicated and unbureaucratic manner. Often, the treating clinicians are involved in this process, and it helps us to better assess each case.


Thanks to a generous donation from a non-profit foundation, we are able to provide help to a certain number of patients. Upon application and evaluation, the decision will be made on a case-by-case basis. Please think carefully before applying and consider those who may be in real need of urgent medical support.


For patients who would like to apply, please fill out the Medical Needs Assistance Program application form.


Should you have any additional queries, please contact:


FMF & AID Global Association