What we want to achieve

  • Provide patients with social and moral support, give them hope and let them know that they are not alone

  • Help to get patients promptly and correctly diagnosed

  • Assist patients, who find our online services, and educate them so that they can be their own advocate and connect them with help groups

  • Help the patients’ families to cope with a chronic inflammatory disorder and in dealing with local authorities, educational establishments, employers and disabilities

  • Raise awareness about these diseases all over the world, especially within the medical community

  • Provide information to patients on the various autoinflammatory diseases through our website

  • Participate with other patient organizations and attend relevant conferences, to represent patients and their interests​​

  • Connect patients with volunteers in different parts of the world, who speak their native language

  • Connect with researchers and scientists to ensure a good exchange of knowledge and keep patients informed of new and relevant research articles

  • Conduct worldwide surveys in conjunction with the medical community to gain more knowledge on autoinflammatory diseases for the benefit of patients

  • Organize/offer continuing professional training for doctors/medical practitioners