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About Us

The FMF (Familial Mediterranean Fever) and AID (auto-inflammatory diseases) Global Association is a non-profit patient-led umbrella organization supporting 22+ affiliates and partners to serve autoinflammatory patients worldwide. Autoinflammatory diseases are caused by a faulty innate immune system, resulting in systemic (affecting the entire body) and localized inflammation.


FMF & AID is located in Switzerland and is uniquely positioned to serve its multiple affiliates and partners located globally. We have multilingual capacity and currently support over 100'000 patients in 54 countries, in 18 different languages and are continuing to expand. We aim to provide guidance, advocacy, information, support, and education for our patient and medical communities, while raising awareness of what it means to live with an autoinflammatory disease.


Our patient experts are also involved in various initiatives to advocate for patient diagnosis, treatment, and symptom awareness. FMF & AID collaborates and provides: insight and exchange with expert autoinflammatory physicians from renowned medical academic institutions; patient centric leadership and communication via ImmunAID activities; promote the harmonizing of autoinflammatory diagnostic guidelines and ensuring equal access to expert care and treatments via involvement in the RITA network; and finally raise educational and training opportunities for medical professionals to advance their knowledge of these rare innate immune disorders.

What we stand for

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that autoinflammatory patients live a pain-free and productive life by having access to knowledgeable physicians, timely diagnosis, and appropriate treatments.

Our Mission

We support the global RARE autoinflammatory community, both children and adults, by providing information, guidance, advocacy, raising awareness and support through targeted projects including financial assistance, educational tools, research, individualized support and collaborating with relevant stakeholders globally.

About the diseases

Autoinflammatory diseases are relatively unknown across the medical world and are considered RARE. Research of these diseases began in the 1990s and continues today, as over 40 diseases have been discovered. Due to the similarity of symptoms among these syndromes, and the lack of specific biomarkers for inflammatory measurements, they often remain unrecognized, misdiagnosed or undiagnosed.

Autoinflammatory diseases affect people of all ages and genders, and for many with these conditions, living what is considered to be a “normal” life can be difficult. Often pain, fevers, fatigue, and other symptoms impact a patient’s quality of life. As a consequence, many become a burden to both their families and the government/society.

Receiving medical diagnosis and care is often a large hurdle for autoinflammatory patients, as there is a lack of specialists globally. Often families must relocate, and others travel far or abroad to obtain appropriate help. Furthermore, once a specialist has been identified, it is likely there will be a long wait to be seen.

We strive for patients’ rights, so that each patient who suffers from an autoinflammatory disease can be diagnosed within one year and have access to the required medications.

Our Goals


Provide patients with support


Help patients receive a correct autoinflammatory diagnosis


Provide patients with educational materials

Medical Community

Educate the global medical community and offer professional training


Collaborate with other like-minded organizations


Connect patients with language appropriate volunteers


Keep patients informed of relevant and newfound research


Conduct worldwide surveys on the patient experience

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