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The FMF & AID Global Association produces informative autoinflammatory brochures in collaboration with experts, for both patients and healthcare professionals. We also issue magazines to keep the patient and medical community informed of our work and the latest developments/advances in the autoinflammatory field. Other useful documents produced by FMF & AID are also available.


Kindergarten & Schools

An informative Brochure for Kindergarten & Schools in the United States.

0.6 MB


An informative Brochure about taking colchicine to treat a variety of conditions.

0.6 MB

Pregnancy & Menstruation

An informative Brochure about family planning with an autoinflammatory disease.

0.9 MB

FMF & AID Magazine (English)

Issue 03 – 2023

4.6 MB

FMF & AID Magazine (German)

Ausgabe 03 – 2023

3.7 MB

FMF & AID Magazine (Spanish)

Edición 03 – 2023

4.5 MB

FMF & AID Magazine (French)

Numéro 03 – 2023

4.5 MB

FMF & AID Magazine (English)

Issue 02 – 2022

3.5 MB

FMF & AID Magazine (English)

Issue 01 – 2021

1.8 MB



How to Prepare for a Doctor's Appointment

Useful advice in advance of a doctor's appointment.

0.1 MB

Medical check-ups for patients with autoinflammatory diseases

Information about the frequency of check-ups.

0.1 MB

My child has an autoinflammatory disease

Information sheet for Kindergarten and schools in the United States.

0.1 MB


FMF Super heroes

An educational E-Book for Children (English)

3.8 MB

Die Kleinen FMF Superhelden

An educational E-Book for Children (German)

1.9 MB

FMF Super heroes

An educational E-Book for Children (Arabic)

1.9 MB

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