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Advisory Boards

The FMF & AID team is dedicated to improving the lives of those living with autoinflammatory diseases. The FMF & AID Global Association is the world’s leading non-profit patient organization dedicated to autoinflammatory awareness, advocacy, education, patient support and research.

EBS Treuhand AG

Helblingstrasse 6A, 4852 Rothrist

Accounting/financial reporting

Queensland, Australia

Nicosia, Cyprus

Erlangen, Germany

Damascus, Syria

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Bern, Switzerland

Tel Aviv, Israel

Scientific/Medical Advisory Board

Chris Walker

Community Outreach and Fundraising Officer

Ellen Cohen

Vice-Director USA and Research Officer

Janine Tschan

Vice-Director for German-Speaking Countries

Board of Directors

Head of Communications & Marketing

Board of Directors

Paul Morgan

Project Management

Board of Directors

Malena Vetterli

Founder, President & Executive Director

Board of Directors

FMF & AID Leadership Team

Quito, Ecuador / Barcelona, Spain

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