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Advisory Boards

The FMF & AID team is dedicated to improving the lives of those living with autoinflammatory diseases. The FMF & AID Global Association is the world’s leading non-profit patient organization dedicated to autoinflammatory awareness, advocacy, education, patient support and research.

EBS Treuhand AG

Helblingstrasse 6A, 4852 Rothrist

Accounting/financial reporting

Marel Pike

Queensland, Australia

Sandra Landa

Munich, Germany

Dr. Vahakn Atamyan

Nicosia, Cyprus

Dr. Jürgen Rech

Erlangen, Germany

Dr. Rami Jarjour

Damascus, Syria

Dr. Leonardo Mendonça

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Prof. Uyen Huynh-Do

Bern, Switzerland

Prof. Avi Livneh

Tel Aviv, Israel

Scientific/Medical Advisory Board

Jemima Buenviaje

Graphics and Design

Chris Walker

Community Outreach and Fundraising Officer

Ellen Cohen


Janine Tschan


Board of Directors

Kevin Alexander Vetterli

Head of Communications & Marketing

Board of Directors

Paul Morgan

Project Management

Board of Directors

Malena Vetterli

Founder, President & Executive Director

Board of Directors

FMF & AID Leadership Team

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