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The FMF & AID Global Association is registered in Zurich as a non-profit organization. Therefore, donations to the FMF & AID Global Association are tax deductible.

Donate regularly

As a donor, you will decide the amount you wish to donate monthly. This amount set by you will be regularly withdrawn from the account determined by you, amount which will support the work of the FMF & AID Global Association. Your regular donation helps us to keep running the various support projects we have for patients and ensures that they receive the best possible support every time they need it.

Donations as a company

Of course, you can also support the FMF & AID Global Association as a company. We help those affected worldwide and depend on your generosity.

Donating instead of Gifts

Make a donation to the FMF & AID Global Association and make your business partners happy. With your help for example, we can continue to run the helpline for patients and their parents, organize meetings for those affected ones or a training course for health professionals on autoinflammatory diseases. Most patients are lonely. Most of them are ill and often unable to leave the house. Doctors are often puzzled because are rare diseases difficult to diagnose and treat. Our helpline understands how those affected or their children feel. We are often asked for specialists. Patients are listened to and taken seriously. The helpline is vital to the well-being of those affected and essential for their emotional stability. Your customers will certainly do without gifts when they find out the reason for the donation. Especially children will be incredibly thankful!


You may have a good reason not to donate your assets only to your children and relatives, but also to support other causes or non-profit organizations whose work you appreciate.

Potential new donors

Like every charitable organization, the FMF & AID Global Association needs private donations. Endowment contributions have a considerable advantage: They expand the capital of our organization and thus increase the possibilities of helping children with autoinflammatory diseases and their families.

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  • According to two studies, it takes on average 7.3 years for patients to get a diagnosis when facing an autoinflammatory disease and in other cases even 12 years or more. In over 50% of cases, it is greater than 10 years

  • Every year patients die unnecessarily. Many do not have a diagnosis in their lifetime (depending on where they live) due to the challenges in making a diagnosis

  • Rare disease affects ca. 30 million people in Europe and over half a million people in Switzerland (we calculate a few thousands with an autoinflammatory disease in Switzerland)

  • There are a few treatments available, but some of these drugs are very expensive and often not prescribed due to their excessive cost

  • Episodes of severe pain, which often go untreated (strong pain killers required, often opioid-based, which medical practitioners are reluctant to regularly prescribed due to perceived drug abuse)

  • Available medications only alleviate the symptoms because there is no cure

  • During the whole odyssey, patients and their families often feel isolated, misunderstood, ignored, neglected, disbelieved and even persecuted.  

  • Quality of life can be severely affected: difficulty completing education, hard to hold down a job

How we help

  • Social media helpline for patients

  • Networking via social media portals

  • Providing emotional support to patients and their families

  • Rapid dissemination of medical and social information (studies, new drugs, etc.) through our website and social media groups

  • Participating in relevant international conferences and taking part in European projects and initiatives to help patients with autoinflammatory diseases (member of the RIPAG Council, ERN RITA)

  • We strive to be an information centre for patients

  • Advocating for patients

  • Helping patients to have access to difficult to obtain prescribed medications

  • Putting people in touch with patient associations in their countries