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We welcome patients to register as members and rely on Volunteers to help us, help others.


With a membership, you support our work for those affected with autoinflammatory diseases. We offer advice and personal support to those affected and their families. In addition, our association offers a wide range of services.


We have two types of membership: Passive and Active.

Passive membership is free, but donations to support our activities are more than welcome. If you decide to make a contribution, the donation should be clearly stated as such.

If you choose the active membership, please kindly pay the annual fee of 50CHF/€/$ either by bank transfer or online per credit card. You can do this under "Donate" and clearly mention that the amount being paid is for the membership fee. Of course, you can also support the FMF & AID Global Association with a higher annual contribution. In this case, we split your contribution into a membership fee and a free donation. A withdrawal can be made in writing (email) at the end of the year, subject to a notice period of 3 months.

You will not receive a confirmation e-mail for your membership application unless it has been denied.

To become a member of the FMF & AID Global Association, please fill out the form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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